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I'm proud to be Sarawakian, has a job as a university lecturer and researcher.

A Gift

 The last day of ICT Training for Agro business participants in Miri, 2017. Very enjoyable, fun, and very challenging when teaching adults which most of them are Information Technology (IT)  illiterate. At the end of the training session, each of … Continue reading

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Nak pindah rumah

Minggu ni merupakan minggu terakhir aku di Koganei. Selepas ni, aku akan tinggal di Hino. Di Jepun ni, kalau nak pindah banyak jugak benda perlu diuruskan terlebih dahulu. Kepada yang menyewa terutamanya, selain mencari rumah yang sesuai untuk didiami nanti … Continue reading

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Yeah, I have to admit, how wonderful Japanese people in helping their people in need. I just realized why many stores in Tokyo or in other places reside Japan, have not enough foods for us (which not effected with tsunami) … Continue reading

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Pray for Japan

Let we pray for Japan on what had happened last week…Japanese people are now struggling on their lives for the post-tsunamis and earthquake…the biggest in Japanese so far. Japanese people are great, their patience, hardworking, and helping each other, make … Continue reading

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Flying to Shanghai

My flight to Shanghai will be at 19:30, Terminal 1, Narita Airport, today. I really hope everything will going to be ok. This will be my first time in Shanghai and I’m going to stay there until March 14th. The … Continue reading

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Berpantak (Tattoo)

Masih dua tiga dua tiga (kata urg Serawak) sama ada nak bertattoo ke sik tuk… bila nanggar member ada tattoo di sebelah bahu kiri (besarlah juak tattoo ya), menggelodak juak hati tuk maok bertattoo. Makinlah hati tuk mencanak-canak jak rasa … Continue reading

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