Who the h*ll is Raymann? Is he a billionnaire? or Computer Games Founder? or maybe a model for Calvin Klein? or what? Anyone (who reads this entry knows about him? please raise your hand or stand up in front of the computer…ahahaha..just kidding)…

Yeah, he is a busy man…everybody knows he is hardly to find easily even by phone…(ahakss…). He is busier than ‘YB‘, but everyone knows he is real f*ck*ng friendly when you meet him….and everyone call him as Raymann (not raymond, ok).

So the question is, why everyone loves him? the answer is (not limited to):

  • when you have a chance to see and meet him, i’m pretty sure u will like him because of his personality;
  • when you talk to him, he will never arguing with you (he will makes you feel like you are always right…ehehe);
  • you need him for helping you as a translator; and
  • you like him because he will help you and never says something bad about you in front of others.

So, even though you don’t like him, that totally up to you then…and I hope you know what I mean with ‘Raymann‘ here.

See you real soon.