Yeay!!!….I have a new boots…so, starting next week, I can wear a pair of my boot that I bought yesterday, at ABC Mart, Tokyo. I love the color, and I love the design. In conjunction of my birthday this year, then, I presented myself with Timberland 10066 boots. 2 years back, I gave myself a ticket to Tokyo Tower, and enjoy myself with the scenery. And last year, I gave myself a present with a flight ticket to Netherland (Thank you very much to bro azizi for the entertainment…ehehe)…What about next year? OMG, Come on manny, don’t you ever think about it now…please stay focus to your research….

By the way, it not a crazy thing that you give yourself a present for certain occasion…give yourself a hug, cheering up yourself, and be happy …it such a motivation and at the same time, enjoy your life.