February 2011

Sambil menyelami beberapa clips in youtube, terfikir bagaimana perasaan orang malaysia apabila secara tiba-tibanya aku menyanyi dengan nyaringnya, sambil menari…(rasa macam buat persembahan muzikal bah!). Mesti ada yang suka, ada yang akan kata, mengada-ngada budak ni, atau ada juga yang akan join sama. Apa-apa pun enjoy beberapa clips dari youtube yang aku nak share kan bersama-sama.

  • Break out in song at Lisbon Airport, Portugal – Aku terpikir kalau di KLIA boleh buat benda yang sama terutama sekali apabila orang tengah take so granted nak balik kampung berhari raya,  mesti terhibur juga…tapi rasanya, mau juga kena sumpah seranah sebab tak menghormati bulan puasa…ahakkss….

  • Stansted Airport, London Hmm, maybe we can perform at Hentian Pudu Raya, or Hentian Duta, or KL Sentral. Takpun, dekat Hentian Bas Ekspres Di Batu 4.5 di Kuching…Kalau dapat perform di Kuching Airport, ini pun sudah cukup bagus.
  • At Grocery Store – Apa yang akan berlaku sekiranya budak-budak ni perform kat Pasar Minggu Satok?
  • At Baldwin Hills Mall, LA – Kalau buat kat Kubah Ria atau di Permata Car Park, Kuching time orang tengah makan, ditambah lagi suara yang menyanyi tu sedap, mahu bertambah-tambah orang ramai nak makan di situ. Sebaliknya, kalau suara yang menyanyi secara live dah macam suara katak memanggil hujan, baik tak payah perform jer. Kalau nak gah, buat ler kat KLCC Food Court tu.
  • Trump Tower – Akupun suka lunch….tapi onigiri, salad dan jus oren jer….syukurlah kan…eh, terfikir pulak, apa kata kalau kita buat musical kat Warong 2000 (Samarahan), atau di Food court (sebelah Water Tower, Unimas).
  • Time Warner Center – Jom kita perform sama ada kat Boulevard atau di The Spring…Mesti penuh dengan ‘ke-glamer-an’ ni.

You know what happened to me today? (i) stopped by the policeman(one guy not wearing an uniform and the other one was) and (ii) i met my x-supervisor (the one that supervised me for my masters program a few years ago.


(i) for the first case: i just arrived at JR Shinjuku Station, and heading to east exit, suddenly I’d been stopped by the policemen…I’m a bit confused and surprised (and think about what was my fault?) when one guy touch my shoulder and asking me to follow him at a side. Then he asking me if I come ‘here’ (in Shinjuku i guess) alone or with friends and i told him i came there just to go for shopping. The other guy( not wearing an uniform, and he shows me his police badge, (terasa aku ni macam berlakon dalam drama series called ‘NYPD’  or ‘Law and Order’)) and asks me about my ID…and of course, I just follow and answer what he wants to know more about me…(ahaksss…at that time I feel like I’ve been interviewed by the journalist for television news). A few minutes later, they allow me to go wherever I wanna go (of course I went to the toilet nearby). Just for on record, almost three years in Tokyo, this was a third time the policemen arrested stopped me (1st time at JR Shinagawa Station, 2nd & 3rd(yesterday) time were in JR Shinjuku Station, and of course I’m happy to share my story if you really wanna know more about them).



(ii) the second case: I’m on my way to one of the Starbucks nearby JR Shinjuku Station. Right before the entrance, I saw one guy looks familiar to me and he is  having a coffee at the starbucks too…OMG!!!! That was my x-supervisor in Aizu Daigaku from 2002-2005. He looks at me and smiling at me…for sure I can’t hide myself then…and go toward him, and have a little chat. Before I go, he asks me to send him an email just to let him know about me and hopefully to meet me again in Tokyo if he comes here or if I wanna go to visit him in Aizu. By the way, it was great to see you again in Tokyo (and it was in Starbucks…ahahaha).



OMG! What I wanna do now? I’m (getting) blank, blur and have no idea what to say right after I read a message from the supervisor….“I would like to have a seminar with all of you. You are required to present your progress…..”. Hmmm…I’m speechless…(actually he told us before, there will be no progress presentation for PhD students….(apa lagi, melompat seronok giler baban ler kita org time tu…but now….). Then, I’m thinking, should I present my current work on conference paper? or just say “Prof, I have a progress, but I have no time to do a slides for you”… or maybe, “I have nothing to present now”, can we reschedule the time, pleaseeeeee….”, etc.. Anyway, I “love” surprise…and I ‘love’ to see other faces when they’re surprise….really cool and so funny.



The clip at Wellington Train Station(below) was not a surprise for me anyway, but worth to watch it for fun…

If you are in trouble, then think on something so that it would be fun. If you are sad, then make it happy. If you are so busy, then laugh at yourself. Whatever the situation is, laugh can heal and releasing your tense…so, let LAUGH!!!!.

We can see now, each part of the world, people fighting with each other for the survival, an earthquake without any sign that it will appear, flooding, typhoon, and etc. What is our role as a human being (or community) in this world? Look and see? Go and help them? Donation? Or just pray for them?

My pray goes to the people in New Zealand <Click here>.

My pray goes to the people in Bahrain & Yemen <Click here>.

My pray goes to the people in Egypt and Libya <Click here>.

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind“– Dr. Seuss

Be honest to yourself(including myself), accept who you are and if you have anything in your mind, just voice it out. However, since we have been taught to be nice to other people (usually in eastern cultures), and not to arguing something especially in front of the elders, so, it seems to be really hard to be implemented.

If you ask me what I wanna do to realize to change people’s mind, several actions are required (as one of the community service);

  • each person should be really open-minded (how to do that?).
  • each person should be exposed on what happen surround them(‘locally’ and ‘internationally’).
  • give them an encouragement (especially to male youngsters – male never cry and must be tough) that it is not a wrong thing to express their feeling about something.

Honestly, I can’t do all the actions by myself and of course it will takes a long time to see some changes, especially for each person’s attitude and behavior.


If you are creative and innovative, anything can be realized easily. Even me myself, usually, I get the idea (of my project) and being creative when I’m in the toilet. As a proof, please feel free to listen to this song. I love this song pretty much not because of the singer, but because of the melody and it’s really simple and soft. This song is still  in the top 10 chart in Japan so far. Please enjoy!

Lyric: (Japanese)

shou san no koro kara nazedaka
o baachan to kurashi te ta
jikka no tonari datta kedo
o baachan to kurashi te ta
mainichi otetsudai o shi te
gomokunarabe mo shi ta
demo toire souji dake nigate na watashi ni
o baachan ga kou itta

toire ni wa sore wa sore wa kirei na
megami sama ga iru n ya de
dakara mainichi kirei ni shi tara megami sama mitai ni
beppin san ni nareru n ya de

sono hi kara watashi wa toire o
pikapika ni shi hajime ta
beppin san ni zettai nari taku te
mainichi migai te ta
kaimono ni dekake ta toki ni wa
futari de kamo nanba tabe ta
shin kigeki rokuga shi sokone ta o baachan o
nai te seme tari mo shi ta

toire ni wa sore wa sore wa kirei na
megami sama ga iru n ya de
dakara mainichi kirei ni shi tara megami sama mitai ni
beppin san ni nareru n ya de

sukoshi otona ni natta watashi wa
o baachan to butsukatta
kazoku tomo umaku yare naku te
ibasho ga nakunatta
yasumi no hi mo ie ni kaera zu
kareshi to ason dari shi ta
gomokunarabe mo kamo nanba mo
futari no ma kara kie te tta

doushite daro u hito wa hito o kizutsuke
taisetsu na mono o nakushi te ku
itsumo mikata o shi te kure te ta o baachan nokoshi te
hitori kiri ka hanare ta

joukyou shi te ni nen ga sugi te
o baachan ga nyuuin shi ta
yase te hosoku natte shimatta
o baachan ni ai ni itta
‘ o baachan, tadaima ?!’ tte wazato
mukashi mitai ni itte mi ta kedo
chotto hanashi ta dake datta noni
‘ mou kaeri? ‘ tte byoushitsu o dasa re ta

tsugi no hi no asa o baachan wa
shizuka ni nemuri ni tsui ta
marude marude watashi ga kuru no o
matte i te kure ta you ni
chanto sodate te kure ta noni
ongaeshi mo shi te nai noni
ii mago ja nakatta noni
konna watashi o matte te kure ta n ya ne

toire ni wa sore wa sore wa kirei na
megami sama ga iru n ya de
o baachan ga kure ta kotoba wa kyou no watashi o
beppin san ni shi te kure teru ka na
toire ni wa sore ha sore ha kirei na
megami sama ga iru n ya de
dakara mainichi kirei ni shi tara megami sama mitai ni
beppin san ni nareru n ya de

kidate no yoi o yomesan ni naru no ga
yume datta watashi wa
kyou mo setsu se de toire o
pikapika ni suru

o baachan
o baachan
o baachan



About the time I was in 3rd grade
I lived with my grandmother
My parent’s house was next door but
I lived with my grandmother

Everyday I helped out
I even played gobang
But my grandmother said this to me
because I couldn’t clean the toilet

My goodness, there’s
a goddess at the toilet
that’s why if you clean the toilet
You can become beautiful like the goddess

From that day on
I started making the toilet shine
I’ll definitely become a beautiful woman
Every day I polished it

When we went out to go shopping
We both had roasted duck
My grandmother missed her new comedy show
and cried and blamed me

My goodness, there’s
a goddess at the toilet
that’s why if you clean the toilet
You can become beautiful like the goddess

I became an adult
and I bumped heads with grandma
I couldn’t make a family
and I had no place to stay

I didn’t return home on days off
I was out with my boyfriend
Both of us stopped playing
gobang and eating roasted duck

I wonder why people hurt others
and we lose things close to us
she was always by my side and I left her alone

It’s been two years since I left for Tokyo
grandma is in the hospital
She’s losing weight and got thin
I went to go see her

I said, “granny, I’m back!”
just like I used to
Even though we spoke a little bit
I said I’ll come back and left the room

The next morning grandma
quietly fell asleep
it was just as if
she was waiting for me to come back
Even though she raised me properly
Even though I could repay her back
Even though I wasn’t a good grandchild
She waited for me

My goodness, there’s
a goddess at the toilet
that’s why if you clean the toilet
You can become beautiful like the goddess

I had a dream to become
a wife in a good dispostion
today I’m going to
make the toilet shine alone

Thank you
Thank you
from the bottom of my heart

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