Another ‘sad-surprise’ day

You know what happened to me today? (i) stopped by the policeman(one guy not wearing an uniform and the other one was) and (ii) i met my x-supervisor (the one that supervised me for my masters program a few years ago.


(i) for the first case: i just arrived at JR Shinjuku Station, and heading to east exit, suddenly I’d been stopped by the policemen…I’m a bit confused and surprised (and think about what was my fault?) when one guy touch my shoulder and asking me to follow him at a side. Then he asking me if I come ‘here’ (in Shinjuku i guess) alone or with friends and i told him i came there just to go for shopping. The other guy( not wearing an uniform, and he shows me his police badge, (terasa aku ni macam berlakon dalam drama series called ‘NYPD’  or ‘Law and Order’)) and asks me about my ID…and of course, I just follow and answer what he wants to know more about me…(ahaksss…at that time I feel like I’ve been interviewed by the journalist for television news). A few minutes later, they allow me to go wherever I wanna go (of course I went to the toilet nearby). Just for on record, almost three years in Tokyo, this was a third time the policemen arrested stopped me (1st time at JR Shinagawa Station, 2nd & 3rd(yesterday) time were in JR Shinjuku Station, and of course I’m happy to share my story if you really wanna know more about them).



(ii) the second case: I’m on my way to one of the Starbucks nearby JR Shinjuku Station. Right before the entrance, I saw one guy looks familiar to me and he is  having a coffee at the starbucks too…OMG!!!! That was my x-supervisor in Aizu Daigaku from 2002-2005. He looks at me and smiling at me…for sure I can’t hide myself then…and go toward him, and have a little chat. Before I go, he asks me to send him an email just to let him know about me and hopefully to meet me again in Tokyo if he comes here or if I wanna go to visit him in Aizu. By the way, it was great to see you again in Tokyo (and it was in Starbucks…ahahaha).




About marahman

I'm proud to be Sarawakian, has a job as a university lecturer and researcher.
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