I ‘Love’ Surprise…

OMG! What I wanna do now? I’m (getting) blank, blur and have no idea what to say right after I read a message from the supervisor….“I would like to have a seminar with all of you. You are required to present your progress…..”. Hmmm…I’m speechless…(actually he told us before, there will be no progress presentation for PhD students….(apa lagi, melompat seronok giler baban ler kita org time tu…but now….). Then, I’m thinking, should I present my current work on conference paper? or just say “Prof, I have a progress, but I have no time to do a slides for you”… or maybe, “I have nothing to present now”, can we reschedule the time, pleaseeeeee….”, etc.. Anyway, I “love” surprise…and I ‘love’ to see other faces when they’re surprise….really cool and so funny.



The clip at Wellington Train Station(below) was not a surprise for me anyway, but worth to watch it for fun…


About marahman

I'm proud to be Sarawakian, has a job as a university lecturer and researcher.
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